New BUS Logo

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June 28, 2020
BUS launches new website
June 29, 2020

New BUS Logo

From 29 June you will see the new BUS logo bringing a freshness to our communications.
The logo retains the gold and blue colours of our previous logo but has a simpler and cleaner shape. The meanings it suggests will vary from person to person, but what has mattered most to us as we developed this is:

The cross is at the centre
The gold colour at the top represents the kingship of Christ
The blue colour at the bottom suggests the water in which we are baptised
The somewhat global shape points to our commitment to the evangelisation of the world, starting where God has placed us in it

Many churches indicate their belonging to our Union by referring to the logo on noticeboards, headed paper etc. If you are able to update these references, please contact Jenny at the office for details of how to use the logo. We have intentionally retained the blue/yellow

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